Union welcomes new curriculum – but sounds cautionary note on implementation

28 January 2020

UCAC education union has welcomed today’s publication of curriculum guidance by Welsh Government (28 January), but has warned that particular issues will require attention as planning and implementation begin.

Rebeca Williams, UCAC Deputy General Secretary said “Today is a historic day which sees the publication of a uniquely Welsh curriculum. This is a huge step for Wales and is testament to the vision of the Minister for Education and the hard work of the education profession in Wales over a number of years.

“The Minister herself has called on schools not to rush into trying to plan for this, but rather to take space and time to understand the new model and to start to discuss their vision and values which will inform their planning process. This is wise advice.

“Before moving to the next steps – planning and implementation – UCAC urges the Welsh Government to make two key commitments.

“The first is to ensure that teachers are given sufficient non-contact time to get to grips with the key task of joint-planning. This really does need to be a joint process, across curriculum areas and across age groups, and it requires time when teachers are not in front of a class or preparing lessons or marking work.

“Secondly, we urge the Welsh Government to be explicit, in the context of a curriculum that is far less prescriptive and offers far more flexibility and freedom to teachers, about how the central role of Wales, and a uniquely Welsh perspective will be ensured – right across Wales and right across the curriculum. We are concerned that this golden opportunity to create a truly Welsh curriculum could get watered down through inconsistent implementation.”


  • UCAC is Wales’s own education union. It represents teachers, headteachers and lecturers in all education sectors across Wales

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