Undeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru

UCAC is Wales’s own education union for teachers, head-teachers, lecturers and tutors – the only teachers' union that puts Wales, and members in Wales, first. UCAC provides support for its members in the Welsh language and all its publications are in the Welsh language only.

UCAC offers a full professional service to its members, combining tailor-made advice and support with a strong union voice in campaigns. 

We are passionate about supporting and protecting our members, and about working towards an education system that meets the needs of Wales and everyone who lives here.



September 2023 

We were saddened to hear of the death of a former UCAC employee, Gareth Miles, who spent some time as the union's national organiser.   Paying tribute to him, Ioan Rhys Jones, the union's current General Secretary, said:

"Gareth Miles was a political campaigner and a language campaigner, a brilliant author and an astute commentator on various topics. He made an impression in many spheres of life. Amongst his colleagues at UCAC he was recognised as an exceptionally effective national organiser. He had a thorough knowledge and understanding of Wales, which was key, as UCAC’s influence grew during the early days of the national discussion on devolving education. After his time at UCAC he remained a firm voice within Wales TUC Cymru. We extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends."


July 2023

At the beginning of June, two UCAC representatives attended a DARPL, Diversity and Anti-Racist Professional Learning, Conference in Cardiff and shared the main messages of the Conference with members of UCAC’s Equality Committee, which convened before the end of the Summer Term.   The delegates of the DARPL conference were deeply affected by the harrowing experiences of racism endured by some of the speakers.  These experiences were shared within the context of the Welsh Government’s vision of an anti-racist Wales by 2030. 

The Conference speakers emphasised the importance of anti-racism, in order to combat racism.   Within the new Curriculum for Wales, the teaching of Black, Asian and minority ethnic history is statutory.  It is well worth remembering that there are resources which refer specifically to Wales and Welsh-medium resources.

It was noted that school leaders have an important role to play to foster and establish an anti-racist ethos.  Further guidance can be found in the following document:

Creating an Anti-Racist Culture in Schools - A Practical Guide for School Leaders in Wales - DARPL

The Welsh Government has also produced a list of race and ethnicity terms, which members of the Equality Committee felt was a valuable resource: