UCAC’s response to the Welsh Government’s statement on the Independent Welsh Pay Review Body (IWPRB) Report 2022-23.

22 July 2022 

UCAC regrets that this announcement has been made with the majority of schools in Wales already closed for the academic year. This creates additional uncertainty for leaders and teachers at a time of particular challenges in education.

UCAC will look at the detail of the announcement paying particular attention to the Welsh Government's promise that leaders and teachers in Wales will not be of lower value to the salaries and working conditions of equivalent jobs in England. We will also look at the implications of the pledges for September 2023.

Certainly, the wage increase that has been announced does not reflect the levels of inflation that are currently being experienced. That is a disappointment at a time when school staff have gone beyond the expectations of their jobs in order to ensure educational well-being along with the physical and mental health of school pupils.

It is an additional concern that the Welsh Government is not able to guarantee the necessary funding to finance the salary levels.

We will discuss this further with the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) and with individual authorities. UCAC will discuss the Minister's Statement with members of our National Council, which includes representatives from all over Wales, preparing a formal response to the announcement. We will also look at wider issues within the remit of the Independent Pay Review Body for Wales (IWPRB).

If we are to attract new teachers and nurture teachers into a leadership roles then we have to offer job security and appropriate salaries while also tackling the abysmal workload that has literally weighed down the profession for years.